Thongs: Sometimes Less Is More

Thongs are some of the sexiest types of panties on the market, and for good reason. They enhance the derriere and draw attention to the buttocks. They are about as revealing as you can get in the panty department while still covering those most intimate places. Though thongs may offer minimum coverage, sometimes less is more when it comes to achieving your fashion goals.

For instance, if you have a stellar look planned, you don’t want the whole thing to be ruined by panty lines. In cases like this, a sexy thong Obsessive will do just the trick. A thong will allow you to wear panties to protect your clothes, but at the same time, it won’t display those unsightly panty lines that will ruin a formfitting outfit.

Erotic thongs are also great for spicing up things in the bedroom. While there are all kinds of bustiers, chemises and other sexy lingerie outfits you can buy for bedroom foreplay, nothing does the trick quite like a simple, sexy thong. Thongs are inheretly sexual — for both the one wearing them and the one viewing them. They’ll not only give your partner a great view, but you’ll feel sexier in them with the string running up your buttocks and serving as a sensual reminder of your sexuality.

You can get thongs in all different types of styles too. There are actually various types of thongs on the market. The ones that probably come to your mind first are the G-string and V-string varieties that consist of the quintessential string running along the sides to connect the back of the thong to the front, but there are also C-strings that don’t feature any strings on the sides and cheekies that provide more coverage by covering half of the butt cheeks and providing more frontal coverage.