Pinups and Sexy Lingerie

Nowadays what we consider to be sexy lingerie usually consists of skimpy types of lingerie like thongs, see-through lacy bras, pushup bustiers, filmy babydolls and chemises and even stocking bodysuits. However, where did all this sexy underwear start?

Lingerie is nothing new. It’s been around for centuries. In the Victorian era, women wore corsets to shape their figures into what was considered sexy for the times. (Corsets and corsetlets are still considered sexy nowadays.) However, what lingerie is sexy changed with the times and culture of the times. In the 1920s, the corseted female silhouette was traded in for a straighter, more boyish silhouette that was accentuated with slips. Still, most of the garments of these ages that were more than 100 years ago provided way more coverage than today’s sexier types of lingerie do.

When the skimpier types of lingerie really came about was in the 1950s in the era of the pinup girls. Pinup girls were the girls who were used in advertisements to model lingerie. They often struck seductive poses with their backs arched and hips and chest jutting out to better show off the lingerie. These types of poses are still often seen in lingerie advertisements today.

It was the pinup era when lingerie was really starting to be bought to be seen, as the advertisements proved, and it’s then that the lingerie started getting smaller and skimpier. With each decade that passed, bras, panties, corsets, bustiers, nighties and other types of lingerie started being made with less and less fabric and with sheerer fabrics to better show off the female figure. In the 1960s, no underwear underwear became popular. It was termed such because it was so thin, you might as well not have been wearing anything. The teddy, a skimpy type of one-piece sleepwear, came around in the 1980s.

Regardless of what type of skimpy lingerie you choose to wear, you can trace it all back to the evolution of lingerie over time from the pinups of the ’50s.

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